How to Use AI to Create the Perfect Green Screen Background

What if we told you this image was AI?

Untitled design-22

Not Nate… he's very much a real person.

But the background was created by a computer.

Here’s why that’s such an exciting development for corporate video production.



One of the hardest parts of green screen videos is finding the perfect background.

It’s part science & part art.

The background needs to blend with the talent, matching the lighting and position of the camera. Minor details can give away it’s not real - making the green screen more obvious. The background also needs to be visually appealing to the audience and match the script. We also add bonus points for matching brand colors.

That usually means hours combing through image & video libraries looking for the perfect shot.

Enter ChatGPT & DALL·E.

Now all we have to do is upload our image along with some instructions & it spits out a background.

What to include in the prompt:

  • Description of the background you’re looking for - be as detailed as possible.
    • Don’t forget to include image size, such as 16 x 9
    • It helps to remind DALL·E to make sure there are no people in the background - that also gives away that it’s not a real background.
  • The image you want to match (for us, that’s the talent)
    • Be sure to include details about the image such as lighting, color temperature, camera, etc.

Practice makes perfect

You may need to revise your image a few times. AI is not a mind reader… yet.

We like to add a slight blur in post-production to give the image a natural depth-of-field look.

Now, it’s far from perfect & DALL·E still has a lot to learn. For example, words still give it trouble. We couldn’t get it to spell Dashti Media like the Hollywood sign.

Dashti Hollywood Sign 2


Tools like ChatGPT and DALL·E not only save time but also open up new realms of creativity, allowing us to produce videos that are both high-quality and visually compelling.

As we continue to explore and refine these technologies, one thing is clear: the future of video production is here, and it's powered by AI & humans.

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