Photo of Dashti Media Co-Founder Kezhal Dashti in a white short sleeve top with pink pants, sitting on the stairs smiling.
Dashti Media Co-Founder Nate Barrett sitting on stairs in grey sweatshirt, smiling.

Kezhal Dashti

Kezhal Dashti, Co-Founder of Dashti Media in North Texas, began her entrepreneurial journey with her husband Nate Barrett in 2021, transitioning from a successful freelance career on Fiverr started during the 2020 pandemic. As a former award-winning news anchor, Kezhal leverages her media expertise to deliver high-quality, fast-paced video content for businesses of all sizes.

Her journalism career is marked by significant achievements, including an Associated Press Award in 2017 for her impactful reporting on the Rio Grande Canal and a Society of Professional Journalists Award in her senior year at Texas Christian University for a multi-platform story on cancer-battling students. This subject was deeply personal, as Kezhal herself overcame ovarian cancer, declared cancer-free in 2019.

In 2023, Kezhal enhanced her commitment to cancer advocacy by joining the boards of the Be The Difference Foundation and Mary Crowley Cancer Foundation. A first-generation American, she is fluent in English and Farsi.

Nate Barrett

Nate Barrett, co-founder of Dashti Media, combines his award-winning news anchoring background and corporate communications experience to bring professional media services to the business world. With over a decade in broadcasting across Washington, Wisconsin, and Texas, Nate's journalism passion blossomed early, earning his first award in college.

Transitioning from TV news to corporate communications, Nate worked with leading U.S. companies, sparking his interest in entrepreneurship. This journey led him to establish Dashti Media with his wife, Kezhal.

Outside work, Nate enjoys sports, exploring nature, and quality time with his two dogs. His formative years in Oregon's Pacific Northwest instilled a love for outdoor adventures, influenced by a childhood rich in diverse activities, from improv to tennis, encouraged by his mother.

A Walla Walla University alum with international exposure from a year in Spain, Nate’s life reflects continuous growth, a penchant for motivational quotes, and an enduring commitment to self-improvement.

Dashti Media's Story

Kezhal and Nate met in El Paso, TX, where they were both morning show anchors for competing stations. After they got married and left TV news, Kezhal began freelancing on Fiverr in 2020 and immediately saw success, becoming a Top Rated Seller in her first year. She convinced Nate, who was working in corporate communications, to begin working with her to build out a service the market desperately needed.  

Together, they created Dashti Media in early 2021. Their talent and videos brought customers up to 7-figure returns in its first year. Now, Dashti Media has a professional studio in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, serving businesses around the world. 

Kezhal Dashti & Nate Barrett

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